New Product Launch - Ink Blending Brushes, Storage, and Stamen Die

Get ready to master ink blending with our BRAND NEW, ergonomically designed Ink Blending Brushes! Then keep them all within easy reach with our sleek and stylish Ink Blending Brushes Storage Station


The Ink Blending Brushes

Breathe depth and dimension into your crafting projects with this set of five ergonomic Ink Blending Brushes. Each brush contains super-soft white bristles, formed into an oval dome shape for efficient, high-quality blending results. The bristles have been made white, so you can tell immediately which colour ink you have on it - no more accidentally merging colours! The Chloe raspberry pink-coloured long handle ensures that you can hold and grip it comfortably, while the flexibility in the neck enables you to alter the pressure easily for varying colour intensity. Want a light, soft colour transfer? Simply hold the brush just from the handle and move in light circular motions. To increase the colour intensity, also push down slightly on the back of the brush head.

These Ink Blending Brushes have been designed for super-smooth blending and for getting into detailed areas on your cardmaking creations. To use, transfer the ink colour from the inkpad onto the bristles then lightly go over your surface. By starting lightly and increasing the intensity until you get the desired effect, you will have more control over your work – you can easily add more colour but it’s hard to remove colour! By going over 3D flowers, you will add a depth to the colour that makes them look truly dimensional. You can also use to colour die-cut shapes, to ink through stencils and dies, to create your own patterned background papers, to create vintage and distressed effects to papers, and many more techniques. Try on coloured cardstock and papers, vellums, patterned papers, and much more!  


The Ink Blending Brushes Storage Station

After you've used your brushes, you'll want to store them, along with your small tools in style; and you can do that with this handy, counter-top Ink Blending Brushes Storage Station! This sleek craft storage station contains silicone compartments (that look like pretty flower heads!) that flex in shape, so that you can slide your ink brushes into the grooves along with tools and materials such as scissors, craft knives, pokey tools, tweezers, glue gel syringes, glue pens, embossing tools, and more. It’s the perfect storage solution to have on your craft desk while you work, so that all your brushes and tools are both easy to view and reach.

The Ink Blending Brushes Storage Station contains the iconic Chloe’s Creative Cards logo to keep everything coordinated, and the silicone inner has been purposely made black to disguise any ink stains, keeping it looking as shiny and new as the day you first bought it! Because it’s so compact, it’s great to pick up, pop in your craft tote, and transport to your craft groups and workshops too. What's not to love about it?! 



Need it all? We don't blame you! And that's why we've created a great I Need It All Bundle offer, saving you 10% if you bought them all individually. In this bundle you will receive two sets of five-pack Ink Blending Brushes (so 10 brushes in total) and a sleek Ink Brushes Storage Station. Available now for just £29.99



Stamen Die

If the brushes and storage wasn't enough excitement for one launch, we've also released this nifty six-in-one Stamen Die! That's right, with just one pass through your die-cutting machine, you will create six different stamens of various size to suit different flowers (the largest being 8.6x9cm), this Stamen metal die set is sure to become one of your most reached-for items when creating floral makes! Add one to your basket today and start building dimensional beautiful bouquets!



And that's not all the exciting news we have for you!!! 

Introducing to our website...


a large selection of Ranger Tim Holtz Distress Oxide inkpads! Well, we couldn't release ink-blending brushes and not introduce what is, in our opinion, the BEST blending inkpads out there, could we? Which are your favourite colours? Let us know in the comments!  




If you'd like to see more, Chloe has put together a really helpful and informative video where she showcases the brushes and storage, offering lots of hints, tips and creative ideas along the way. We've included this video below for you to see! 


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