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Sparkelicious Colour Charts - Download for FREE!

Sparkelicious Colour Charts - Download for FREE!

Add some sparkle panel

Hello crafters!

If you're anything like me, you LOVE adding a sprinkle (OK, more like a handful!) of glitter to your crafting projects, and you more than likely have quite a collection of Sparkelicious glitters for this very reason. 

But do you struggle sometimes choosing which colour to use on your creations? Well, struggle no more with the BRAND NEW Sparkelicious glitter colour charts!

We have created a series of A4 colour charts, grouped into collections and colours, so that you can create swatch cards to keep nearby while you're crafting. Not only will they remind you which colours you have, but you will also see, at a glance, how they look on cardstock. 

As this is a downloadable and printable chart, separated in collections and colours, you can print as many as you like and then create swatches on different coloured cardstock - for instance, create a completely separate swatch card on black cardstock, to see how well the colours will stand out! 

Coloured chart


Now, you can reach for your Sparkelicious colour chart when you're ready to add your glitter to decide which colour would work best. It will also help you keep track of which colours you have... and also which colours you still need to collect!

Please note: The colour chart will be blank for you to fill in. The colours shown in the image above are for illustration purposes only. 

Download your Sparkelicious Glitter Chart for FREE here! 

Sparkle Story GIF

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Row of glitters


Love all Chloe stuff I need to put a lock on my craft room door my great granddaughter gets in there when she Is done even the dog ✨✨ o

Maureen Lawton,

Thanks Chloe for the chart. I have so many pots I am not sure what I have and this will help tremendously. I just have to hide the glitter from my 4 year old Granddaughter. She is crazy over them.

Stephanie Theodos ,

Thanks Chloe for an inspiring and time saving idea.
Years ago, I created one for all my Ink Pads. It’s proved to be another time saver and easy retrieval item in my crafting items.

Anne Sherwin,

Thank you so much Chloe. I love your craft goodies and thanks for the chart!

Stephanie Theodos,

Thanks Chloe. Great idea. This will make life so much easier in choosing the right glitter. Maybe you could do one for the embossing powders?

Linda Allardyce,

This is great Chloe, thank you very much. Jean

Jean Buckley,

Thank you Chloe really usefulx

Diane Walker,

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