The First-Ever Craft Industry Awards - Vote For Us!

Craftworld are hosting the first-ever Craft Industry Awards and we would LOVE it if you would vote for us! 


As a way of celebrating the essence of crafting, innovation, community, and the remarkable people who make it all possible, Craftworld have introduced the first-ever Craft Industry Awards. 

There are lots of different categories available, many of which would be relevant to Chloe's Creative Cards and our very own Chloe herself! 

To be able to cast your vote, you need to become a member of Craftworld. But this is a very quick and easy process... and best of all, it's free! 

As mentioned, there are lots of categories, but we thought we would highlight the ones that would be applicable to us:

  • Ultimate Tool
  • Favourite Die-cutting Brand
  • Favourite Stamping Brand

How amazing would it be if we get shortlisted for any of these categories?! Better still, if we win any of them! so, please make our day, week, month, year, and head over to Craftworld's awards' page and vote for us! 

You will even be in with a chance of winning a £3,000+ storage unit, as shown below, simply by voting as each entry gets put into a prize draw! 


The voting is now open and you have until Tuesday, 24th October to cast your vote. After this date, a shortlist will be created from the votes and then the final round of voting will take place from Friday, 10th November. You can vote in this final round until Friday, 12th January, with the winners being announced on the 8th of February


  • Lavoris Carter

    I also would like to vote for Chole’ s Creative Crafts; the entire product line is absolutely beautiful, easy to create with, the dies cut like butter, and the stamp designs are awesome. I recently discovered this brand and I love it all. I’m trying to find some of the older products especially the shoe and sandal stamps and dies. Maybe she’s bring them back like the skate stamp…Love them all.

  • Denise JACKSON

    I would like to vote on every level. This young lady delivers on every product she produces. She helps crafter obtain their best in card crafting. Her products are .ade of the best quality. Her Sevice at the company is very professional on any aspects. She makes sure their is a blog so people can do step by step crafting or u tube videos which is just like watching her on TV. She works so hard and always delivers what she promises.

  • Julia Trapnell

    Best workshops for our stamp along sessions, always happy to help with your enquiries

  • Jennifer Twell

    Chloe’s craft is a site well worth using The products are well made and are of good quality the glitters and the different card stocks are excellent. The magazines are worth having if you are new or old to the craft the are so many tips . There is also a sparkle point reward scheme which is worth having and the blogs are worth looking at all in all it is a great site .

  • Michelle Crawford

    I would like to vote for Chloe creative cards on all categories they are the best and deserve to win best online store favourite brand – favourite stamping brand – best ultimate tool- best- best die cutting brand- best personality of the year . I have also voted in craft world too good luck Chloe creative cards x

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