A Stamps by Chloe Workshop with Glynis Bakewell

On Saturday 10th August, the lovely and talented Glynis Bakewell held a special Stamps by Chloe Workshop in Stockport. The Workshop saw a group of 21 crafty ladies create 4 cards using the Issue 4 Box Kit. And just look at some of their makes!

Jackie McDougall’s Makes

Jackie McGoudall Chloe Workshop

Sharon Coke’s Stamps by Chloe Workshop Makes

Glynis Buller Beautiful Makes

Cards made at the workshop by Mary Watson


Stamps by Chloe Workshop Stockport

Would you like to attend one of Glynis’ workshops?

Workshops are held once a month in Walthews House, Stockport between 10am – 4pm. Prices range from £25 – £35 for the day. For more details and to book please contact Glynis directly either on her Facebook page – CJ’s Crafty Workshops or you can email Glynis directly here

Stamps by Chloe Workshop Stockport

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