New Product Launch - Relatives Stamp & Die Sets

Introducing the Relatives Stamp & Die Set Range!

Add a personal touch to your cards, gift tags, and more with the brand-new Relatives stamp and die set range! Containing two A6 stamp sets, four relative-themed metal die sets, and two coordinating plaque-shaped metal die sets, you will be mixing and matching to your heart's content with this set! 

PLUS, as we're a north-east-England-based company, we HAD to include the north-eastern 'Mam' in the collection! It would have been completely wrong for us not to include it! 

The idea with the range is that you can take the Relative Sentiment Builders stamp set and choose your greeting, pair it with either a relative stamp or die from the Relatives stamp set or one of the Relatives die sets, then stamp and/or die-cut your complete greeting onto one of the many plaque shapes in the two remaining die sets. Hey presto, you have a specific greeting for a relative for any number of occasions! 

Let's introduce you to the individual sets within the range...


Die Sets:


Relatives 1

This first die set contains the immediate family - mum (and mam!), mother, dad, father, brother, sister, daughter, and son, along with conjunctions and 'friend'. You will receive both the word and also the outline to enable you to matt with either a contrasting or complimentary colour. There are 26 dies in total, all mounted onto a magnetic panel for secure storage. The die sizes range from 3.4x3.4cm to 9.5x4.4cm. 


Relatives 2

Next up, we have the 'grand' relatives - our beloved grandparents and grandchildren. There are variations on the grandparents, to suit the most popular naming choices, and then granddaughter and grandson. To accompany the names we also have the conjunctions 'and' and '&'. As with the 'Relatives 1' set, you will receive the name dies and the coordinating outline dies, all mounted on a magnetic storage sheet. There are 18 metal dies in this set, ranging in size from 3.4x3.4cm to 12.5x4.6cm.


Relatives 3

We now move on to the wider family - the aunts, uncles, nieces, nephews, and cousins. This set, along with all the others are perfect for scrapbooking - creating titles alongside the photos of treasured memories at family get-togethers. This set, like the other Relatives die sets, contain both the words and the outlines as metal dies, alongside the 'and' and '&' conjunctions. The dies come mounted on a handy magnetic storage sheet to keep them safe and together! There are 14 dies in this set, ranging in size from 3.4x3.4cm to 7.8x4.2cm.


Relatives 4

Our last wording die set in the range is dedicated to our significant others. Our husbands and wives, fiancés and fiancées, and boyfriends and girlfriends. These are the people who are our best friends, our confidants, our soul mates. The ones we trust above all others. There are 16 dies in this set - the wording dies and their corresponding outlines, along with two conjunctions. As with the other sets, they come mounted on a magnetic storage panel. The sizes of these dies range from 3.4x3.4cm up to 10.3x4.5cm.


Fancy Sentiment Plaque

Our Fancy Sentiment Plaque die set is the first of two nesting sets we have in the range. They have been designed to fit the various sentiments perfectly but can be also used independently as plaques, stamping panels, shaped card blanks, tags, toppers, and more. There are seven metal dies in this set, ranging in size up to 12.2x8.4cm. 


Rectangle Sentiment Plaque

The second nesting die set in the range comes in the form of this Rectangle Sentiment Plaque offering. These long, narrow designs are great not only for using alongside the sentiments in this Relatives stamp & die set range, but also for a wide range of other applications, including tags, place settings, apertures for shaker cards, and more. There are six metal dies in this set, with the largest sized at 12.3x6.2cm. 


A5 Stamp Sets:


Containing all the words across all four relative-themed die sets, these pretty script font stamps have been designed to use either standalone or with the other elements in the range. There are 31 stamps in total on this A5 stamp plate, covering every single family member you can think of. This set is destined to become a core staple in your craft stash for years to come. 


Relative Sentiment Builders

Designed to be used alongside both the Relatives die sets and stamp set, this Relative Sentiment Builders A6 photopolymer stamp set contains 13 individual stamps. Covering many of the key cardmaking occasions, from birthdays to Christmas, as well as lines for personalisation, you can mix and match any of the elements for truly bespoke creations. The striking all-caps font works wonderfully paired with the scripty relatives dies and stamps, making for gorgeous designs.  




To give you lots of ideas on how to use these terrific stamps and dies, we wanted to share with you some of our favourite creations. Here are a selection to get you started!



I Need It All Collection

If you want to invest in this core collection that you will use for years to come, we have made it easy for you to purchase... with the added bonus of saving 12% on the standard selling price too! 

Our I Need It All Collection contains one each of all the sets within the range, and you can get your hands on it for the discounted price of £100


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